"I've been receiving massage from Jennifer twice a week for over 3 years now and I can tell you that she has hands from God. When Jennifer massages me I am in heaven! "

Sylvia Ben-Asher 

Jen has been instrumental in my family's well being over the last three years- myself, my mother ( when she visits from CA ) and my husband all regularly see her.  Jen takes the time to listen and understand what's going on in my body and give the most custom experience. She is very skilled and can really work deep to remove tension and knots which leaves me feeling good for a long time. 

Malani Lakhani 

"I feel like a delicious, al dente buttered noodle, thanks to the magic massage talents of Radiant Wellness Massage Therapy. Book Jennifer Sheridan asap. She is remarkable."

Jordana Horn Gordon

"I want to let everyone know that Jennifer has the most fantastic hands! Best massage you will ever get! Don't consider it an indulgence; massage is good for your body as well as your mental health. There is a tremendous amount of stress relief, lymphatic drainage, and relaxation for muscles that are busy all day long. It can help to keep you healthy!"

Michelle Retic


"I've been receiving bi-monthly massage therapy sessions from Jennifer for about 6 years now, after having back surgery. I truly believe this is the reason that I have remained healthy, active and pain-free ever since!"

Jennifer Duckworth

"I have to share with you all,  an amazing resource we have right in this town! I had a 90-minute massage with Jen Sheridan today and it was amazing. She has a really nice space set up and it's super relaxing. Many years of experience and she knew intuitively what I needed. She used a great combo of essential oils to make the experience even nicer!
I highly suggest you receive a massage with Jennifer! You will feel so good!!"

Karen Masters


 "Karen is so so right, She is utterly the best massage therapist I have ever been to. I had so much pain in my legs and feet, a type of restless leg syndrome from exercise, sitting in the chair, working on the computer for long periods of time etc. Jen worked on me and my body,  so beautifully and explained how to help them daily. I was amazed how much one massage could help.
The same with my back, I pulled a rotator cuff muscle, and she worked magic on that as well. Can't wait to set up another appointment!
You will feel great afterward, not your typical massage. THE BEST!!!

Robin Cooper
"I have to agree with so many of the comments! Jen Sheridan's massage is truly healing and I hope that other's will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. You will not be disappointed. She offers a very relaxing experience and is truly a lovely person."
Gail Mautner
"Jennifer is a pro! Massage was exactly what I hoped it would be. Serene environment, the right amount of pressure and nicely scented oils for therapeutic benefit...
I felt great when I left both inside and out...you will not be disappointed!"
Jacqueline Benjamin
"OMG! I just came from a massage at Radiant Wellness with Jennifer Sheridan. It was awesome! I could literally feel the stress being lifted off of me.
Jennifer is so nice and knowledgeable. She spent time talking to me, learning about my needs and explaining her techniqueHer space is clean and cozy. We are very lucky to have Radiant Wellness so conveniently located. I am definitely going back!
Amy Cooper
"Who needs a boyfriend or SO when you have Jennifer Sheridan and her Rockin' massage skills to knock out all of those knots!! And yes she uses hot rocks!! Seriously, all kidding aside, really I just came from my 2nd massage by JS this year and am changed! I have my usual stress knots and pains but lately have been especially stressed and bearing down on my jaw with terrible counter-productive headaches for 6 days now..but no more!! Jennifer takes a few minutes to ask questions and guess what? - SHE LISTENS! I have been around the planet and back having had many massages -all for stress and pain relief ...it is the worst thing when they have to be told how to find and work out that knot!! I think we all should make JS Rock-it-massages on our short list for us working-our-butts-off-moms!!"
Renee Bavineau 

I think she should rename her business to Magic Healing Hands!! I feel amazing after her therapeutic massage and for someone with chronic pain, I am so happy to be feeling good!! Her massage was fabulous but more than that, her energy is so positive and warm.  I recommend her with 5+ stars!! 

Michele Patron

I am a big believer in referring people who offer excellent services. Hence when someone emailed a group yesterday looking for a massage therapist, I strongly suggested she visit Jennifer of Radiant Wellness Massage and would not be disappointed. After leaving her today, she texted me this: 
That was the best experience of my massage life!!!!!!!!!!

Michele Patrone
"Unbelievable massage! I will never go anywhere else, but Jennifer's massage table!!
I confess I was a bit sore that night and was very close to taking an Advil but these past two days, I have noticed an improvement in my neck, shoulders and of course, my posture. I feel can roll my shoulders back and stand straighter. Still a long way to go, but a truly amazing beginning!"
Aimee Kaplan Sachs
"Jennifer is one of the most talented therapists with whom I've worked. Her skill, intuition and great listening skills are what make her clients come back to her again and again. Jennifer is one of the best!

Elizabeth McGann